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7:55 pm on Lundi, day 61 of Winter, 603 Sun Times
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Below are files uploaded by clan members for public access. Clan members can upload additional files by using the upload form.

TitleSizeUpload DateDescription
Althus' Desktop 400.1 K 03/26/02 22:08 Oh dear god, it's hideous!
Editing Posts 73.7 K 07/31/02 01:57 A short instructional piece on one of the features of the excellent VBB software.
Passing 4th circle 63.5 K 06/06/02 16:33 Self explanatory, really. It demonstrates an interesting running technique that I hadn't tried before.
Share table 2.5 K 04/13/02 22:52 Explains the difficulties of healing each profession.
Share table 3.1 K 04/13/02 22:59 Explains the difficulties of healing each profession. (revised for easier viewing)
Altir's Knighting. 356.5 K 01/07/02 01:12 Altir's Knighting Ceremony to the Order of True and Gentle Knighthood as Companion of The Shield. Ladies Kiriel D'Sol, Wandalyn, and Connie Crete bear witness for Altir. Sir Califas performs the ceremony in Town Square. January 6th, 2002. 9pm PST.
BADS Hunt Images (1 through 4) 1036.0 K 09/02/03 15:17 BAD-S Hunts on ooc: Saturdays from 7p - 9p CST (approx). Some images from those hunts.
A very Glorious WOD Hunt!! 61.7 K 08/18/03 12:21
Archemar collecting coins in south forest 130.0 K 05/31/03 14:08
Deli waiting for marathon results 20.2 K 10/27/02 01:02 needless to say I fall soon after ....
My first student ..... 15.8 K 02/19/03 13:27
The Dun'ilsar 1397.1 K 05/19/02 13:11 The Dun'ilsar (as seen by Archemar), dworf comment include !!
Zorak first *official* hunt with WoD .... 9.5 K 11/28/02 13:46
Arteress Lai
The mark has been made 21.1 K 08/22/01 00:05 I saw Myrmtarr douse poor Konoko in retaliation for killing off his kin. What ever could it mean?
Puddleby Parade of Homes - Blaise at home 24.9 K 04/11/04 18:38
Corwin passing 3rd 12.8 K 05/17/01 07:16 Finally!
a picture 3.4 K 12/07/01 07:45
A_too_eventful_day 2197.8 K 10/24/01 19:14 Exiles go to Noth after being goaded by Qual, meanwhile trouble is brewing at the Nox house. A confrontation, a secret meeting, and BETRAYAL! A terrorist bombing burns the Nox house.
Blow It With The Winds Closing ceremony 1954.0 K 07/17/06 08:57 This is the Blow it with the winds awards ceremony (2006)
Caddrel_Betrayal 1039.2 K 12/11/01 07:18 A very long unedited movie file. At The begining I use the Separ on Aldernon. Several exiles work to rid the town of the dew infestation - until we are betrayed by Caddrel.
darshakinvasion.sit 1247.6 K 05/14/01 14:03 The darshaks invade, and we are forced back to the temple to make a stand. After the battle, a strange portal is found on the dock. Apperances by 5 WoD members.
EtherStone.sit 270.6 K 05/17/01 08:52 A group of exiles including tater and myself hear Tenebrion's offer to trade an etherial stone for a teleportation stone at his castle
FB_meet_tenebrion 1917.1 K 04/27/02 14:58 Felinia's Blade finds itself in Tenebrion's Keep on it's regular hunt. Tenebrion wakes, and we go to meet with him. He shows us his library and tells the walls are to keep exiles out until he and his brothers get the 6 stones.
Text log of Blow It with The Winds closing 18.9 K 07/21/06 23:32 This is an edited text log of the BLOW IT WITH THE WINDS closing ceremony
Wierdness in DW 1568.8 K 08/13/06 08:10 In light of recent Orga attacks on town to get at the altar, I'm making this avaiable. We encountered some strange goings on in DW a few days before the attacks on town started.
Dr. Tessa Malthus
The Making of the Separ 115.8 K 12/07/01 03:05 In my meeting with Kala, she spoke of many things, and she used one of my dew samples to make the Separ.
BetterEmblem 59.4 K 11/24/01 11:10 Better gradient, better effect on the sea, no text (thus simpler and I can reduce the size). Better overall. Still needs work though.
Emblem 12.0 K 11/21/01 18:02 This is a draft of my idea for an emblem for the clan. Open for discussion, ideas, critics, etc.
emblem&text 327.8 K 11/22/01 14:58 Another iteration: better gradient (read the manual :), also added text around the badge. Bigger file though.
Emblem2 36.6 K 11/21/01 19:37 Another iteration of the same emblem. Added a gradient to the sky and texture in the sea. Also increased the outside border a little.
Emblem5 23.0 K 12/02/01 16:59 Better sun, different fonts, resized to a more adequate format
Farhope Fallen (quiz 2) 5.3 K 01/26/02 10:50 This one should work
Farhope quiz 2 16.5 K 01/26/02 10:46
Farhope's cahining skills 120.5 K 11/21/01 14:51 After a bit of a misadventure in McBolie, Farhope proved her great chaining skills by getting us all out of there. Thanks Farhope :)
Friend coming home 133.2 K 11/16/01 18:27 The little ceremony after a friend accidentally lost her WoD badge. We were very happy to see her come home (and I was not yelling because I was taking the picture :)
Candies, Feast of Tsrrin 543 1062.7 K 10/30/01 09:46 SPOILERS! The 12 candies, Feast of Tsrrin. You can also see how a bad fighter I am, when I am alone :-)
Farhope passing 2nd circle test 54.3 K 05/15/01 11:35 Very nervous, incapable to wait that the ferals lose their balance, ... but lucky :-)
Some tips about passing circle tests 58.6 K 07/05/04 13:02
An abrupt falling in the OC 15.5 K 11/21/02 19:14 After running through the hazards of Snagglewood, I fall in the Orga Camp.
Bawkmas Play 2003 (Himitsu) 421.9 K 01/06/04 15:56 The Bawkmas play put together by Poesy and performed by Wheatstone, Poesy, Rahjas, and myself. This visionstone was taken by Himitsu.
Bawkmas Play 2003 (Yor) 73.9 K 01/06/04 15:57 The Bawkmas play put together by Poesy and performed by Wheatstone, Poesy, Rahjas, and myself. This visionstone was taken by Yor and misses a few lines of the introduction.
Clan meeting on 12/27/2002 1012.7 K 01/03/03 19:51 This is the last clan meeting at the Snowy Grove. It features egg nog, falling, and Bob the Archer. Fun!
Going to our trees and the boat hut 2153.3 K 10/22/01 20:35 The second and longest arm of our trip in which we all found our trees, went through a marsh and a glacier, and finally found the boat hut.
Making a boat 193.0 K 10/22/01 20:38 This short visionstone shows us making boats, the story of the boat maker, and us all leaving. Also shows me hugging everyone in town. ^_^
Meander's Induction 75.3 K 01/19/04 10:37 Winds of Dawn yelling with happiness after Meander has been inducted into our clan.
My first time as leader 1534.6 K 01/19/02 22:34 This is my first try as leader of a hunt and, with Kiriel's help, it went rather smoothly.
New and old female Ghorak Zo shoes 4.7 K 11/22/02 11:21 This pictures shows off the comparison between the v258 and the v260 Ghorak Zos (female) showing their new shoes.
Newbielympics 2 - Boat Race event 513.6 K 07/17/03 13:50
Newbielympics 2 - Bob's Trivia Contest 130.2 K 07/14/03 11:20 This is Bob's Trivia Contest in the second Newbielympics.
Newbielympics 2 - Closing Ceremony 295.7 K 07/21/03 16:56
Newbielympics 2 - Clue Hunt 203.7 K 07/17/03 13:53
Newbielympics 2 - Dance Event 181.6 K 07/17/03 13:55
Newbielympics 2 - Falling 602.7 K 07/18/03 17:59
Newbielympics 2 - Indoor Pushball 565.0 K 07/18/03 18:00
Newbielympics 2 - Opening Ceremonies 260.3 K 07/17/03 13:52
Newbielympics 2 - Push-a-Thon 380.1 K 07/21/03 16:57
Newbielympics 2 - Sampling 598.1 K 07/18/03 18:02
Puddleby Island 56.4 K 01/25/03 12:56 An artist\'s view of Puddleby Island.
Training with Leledar 774.4 K 10/22/01 20:21 The first part of the trip where the group went to Umbrion's Keep, I trained with Leledar, and various items were bought. This movie ends with the group leaving the Keep to find our trees.
Failing 3rd Circle 44.9 K 07/01/02 17:52 One of the more memorable failed tests.
I pass 3rd Circle. 35.9 K 07/09/02 12:34
Lounging in 3rd Cirlce Room 303.2 K 07/09/02 12:36
Ambush Lerris! 36.1 K 11/18/01 09:14 Now that Lerris has unfortunately left the clan, he has to be pied. I didn\'t want to but those are the rules... :) Trowa suggested waiting in the egg room while Lerris was on a Queen Chamber rescue. Lerris didn\'t know what hit him! :)
Arena Master - Stone 11.6 K 05/12/03 22:43 Shot of the Arena Master using his Stone Girdle (from Mjollnir's visionstone)
Bad Day :) 260.8 K 03/03/06 06:09 You think you're having a bad day?
Coliseum! Konoko vs Rage! Kiri vs Fury! 82.0 K 06/15/02 12:13 The opening match: Brave and Fearless Konoko vs an Orga Rage. And in the main event, Kiriel, everyone's favourite clan typhoon, does battle with an Orga Fury!
Defenseless! 38.4 K 08/25/01 07:50 Anyone want a myrm egg? Come and get it! There are no myrms here to stop ya!
Don't Blow It - Rescuing da STABing BATs Don't?Blow It - Rescuing da STABing BATs 117.6 K 05/29/04 21:10 Another way to get coins?
Don\'t Blow It - Rescuing da STABing BATs Visionstone 133.8 K 05/29/04 21:15 Team BackRest to the rescue!
Get Fuzzy: WoD Meeting place... 38.8 K 11/29/03 13:22
Himitsu's Undine Hut Hunt 46.7 K 01/13/02 10:38 The undine hut cavern was empty so we went to the desert well.
Iho and Aki's PuddleMap (version 1.4) 55.7 K 01/05/02 16:03 It's old and doesn't have such areas as NBC, NWF, Snaggy, and everything else new that's followed. But I have it as a good starting point to the main areas. The site that had this map ( is no longer even working.
Iho and Aki's PuddleMap (version 1.4) 67.3 K 01/05/02 16:24 It's old and doesn't have such areas as NBC, NWF, Snaggy, and everything else new that's followed. But I have it as a good starting point to the main areas. The site that had this map ( is no longer even working.
Konoko Passes 3rd!!!!!!!!! 49.2 K 06/29/02 14:36 WOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Konoko Passes 4th circle fighter test 62.9 K 08/09/04 19:57 Finally! The 4th circle test is but a memory... :)
Konoko passes 5th! 64.7 K 08/24/06 21:28 Moving on up!
Konoko's desktop 190.8 K 03/26/02 21:47 I'm just kinda curious how other people have their clan lord game windows and stuff setup. Here's mine...
Lerris collapses 20.4 K 03/30/02 10:13 Poor Lerris! Whatever Myrmtarr did to Lerris seems to cause him to faint. Unfortunately he fainted in the middle of combat a few times.
Lerris having fun on April Fool's... 68.8 K 04/02/02 16:12 Cobra'Ca'Banas, Lightning Goats, DogCows wreaking havoc. Moof!
Lerris' Winds of Dawn artwork 39.9 K 11/19/01 19:04 Very nice draft of a Winds of Dawn emblem or whatever type of thing from "Foxy" Lerris.
Metz Island Intro 292.7 K 07/19/06 14:58 A quick little into to Metz Island.
My home! 124.9 K 04/11/04 16:47 My home - Apr 11, 2004
Myrmtarr meets my Rock Candy! 29.6 K 03/30/02 10:05 Enough talk Myrmtarr! Taste the wrath of my Rock Candy!
Myrmtarr sets up an ambush 31.4 K 03/30/02 10:07 Myrmtarr sets up an ambush. As soon as we entered the QC. The queen was lying in wait right at the entrance. Poor Lirr fell first :(
Pep Talk 28.5 K 08/25/01 07:44 Giving some exiles a little pep talk on killing the myrms!
Pissing off Myrmtarr... 20.3 K 08/21/01 13:07 Ha ha Myrmtarr! I've been destroying myrms all day! And you are nowhere to be found to help your precious myrms!
Poor Weltall... 43.8 K 10/06/01 10:30 Weltall is so fogged I had to find something to kill him so Janus could chain him to town...
Pushball Game 1 693.0 K 12/17/01 05:48 My First Pushball Game! on Day 3 of Summer 539 (October 9, 2000). It's very fun!
Pushball Game 2 303.6 K 12/17/01 05:50 Pushball Game #2 on Day 3 of Summer 539 (October 9, 2000)
Pushball League Game (Defenders of the Dawn) 767.4 K 12/17/01 05:52 Pushball League Game: Defenders of the Dawn vs Lords of Wamphyrii on Day 85 of Summer 539 (October 29, 2000)
Sargon learns about pies (the hard way)... :) 69.4 K 12/05/01 19:25 Sargon spills a pie all over himself! A must see! 2 thumbs up!
Strategic Retreat in Orga Outback 46.2 K 01/19/03 06:29 Our strategic retreat in the orga outback didn't work too well. Lex had a group nearby and rescued all of the joint WoD and Open Hands hunt.
T'rr'll WoD Induction visionstone 43.6 K 12/09/01 09:56 Visionstone of T'rr'll's Winds of Dawn induction ceremony.
Tessa's Separ 0.5 K 12/07/01 08:56 A picture of the Separ Dr Tessa Malthus was given by Kala Sahar.
Trools want to pie Lerris too! 49.8 K 11/18/01 09:20 Even the trools want in on the action! Poor lerris... :)
T\'rr\'ll WoD Induction Hunt 49.2 K 12/09/01 09:58 Hunt after T\'rr\'ll\'s Winds of Dawn induction ceremony. We went to the east trool mines.
Wild letters on the attack! 7.1 K 03/31/02 09:17 When exploring the nethack dungeons, be on the lookout for any wild letters on the loose!
zooming - when the large window isn't large enough 68.3 K 08/13/04 09:18 showing the universal access zoom feature - great for CL on those long nights when your eyes start bugging out!
A meeting with eldon gm 421.8 K 09/14/03 12:58 Eldon gm appeared in the fairgrounds. Here's a visionstone.
Ann Gm Meeting 758.9 K 05/12/03 11:11 A recent meeting with Ann Gm in the fairgrounds
Ann gm meeting 11/18/03 visionstone 980.4 K 11/19/03 11:55 On 11/18/03 ann gm visited the fairgrounds. This contains most of the meeting and monster roulette afterwards. Highlights of monster roulette include 40 ice greymers versus 20 exiles, which was a complete massacre . To find out more download and watch this.
Eldon Gm in fairground 10/26/03 234.3 K 10/26/03 16:14 Eldon gm visited the fairgrounds on 10/26/03. This is my visionstoen of it. Unfortantly I had to leave near the end so its incomplete.
Keeham 625.2 K 10/24/01 17:59 Keeham comes to town and tells the story of the feast of tsissn.
Orga outback adventure 4406.9 K 01/19/03 07:38 10 vison stones detailing the joint hunt with open hands. From snaggy, to hatred hollow, to the orga outback, to the fall, and then the rescue is all docemented and labled within this download.
Passing 3rd circle. 121.3 K 06/17/03 05:30 One fateful day I passed 3rd circle. This is this visonstone. I only failed the test 14 times. Also it gives a look at the before now secert 3rd circle room.
Passing 4th circle 134.7 K 03/29/05 16:28 I've final passed 4th circle. This is a vision stone of the successful test.
Passing second circle 143.2 K 01/07/02 16:38 This is how I passed second circle.
Small new area 133.1 K 04/24/02 17:13 Two movies. How to get to the new area I found and the exploration of it. Its in the underground
Soloing the zerk 64.9 K 06/25/02 18:13 I solo my first zerk. Happens in the coli
undine hut. 2694.5 K 10/30/01 17:35 There were a lot of powerful undine roaming north of town. This is how the hut wass cleared
zonks work in noids 3335.7 K 11/19/01 17:39 Zonk was at work in the noids. Part of the battle.
Garb! 23.5 K 11/20/02 19:15 mrrffmmm!
har! 7.5 K 11/20/02 19:16 mrrffmmm!
Hey! 15.8 K 11/20/02 19:15 mrrffmmm!
Joke! 2.6 K 11/11/02 14:34 Mihan the Zo made me do it. I swear.
Loser! 15.2 K 11/20/02 19:13 mrrffmmm!
Lunch Money? 2.7 K 11/20/02 19:15 mrrffmmm!
Mar Solkin encounter 119.5 K 08/01/01 14:23 This is the visionstone of the last half of our discussions with Mar, and me turning the potion over to Arista. (Yes, FINALLY!) I'll put up a shorter version with all the little annoying things edited out soon. (once I figure out why Revisionstone isn't working... any suggestions? Magic Mail me!)
Mehan Passing Second { finally!!! =) } 111.7 K 06/23/01 19:02
Mehan! 6.6 K 09/12/02 18:18
My money! 5.7 K 11/11/02 14:22 Mommmmy!!!
Pants for Zo! 11.1 K 11/20/02 19:11 Rally for pants for the female Zo!!
Passing Fourth Circle 118.4 K 07/28/02 14:55 7/28/2002 I passed into the world of fourth circle!
The truth is out there. 19.8 K 11/11/02 14:21 du-du-dummmmm.
third circle 84.8 K 10/15/01 19:18 passing third circle!!!
Nocturnity Passes 3rd Circle 94.4 K 03/03/05 13:13
A message for Dr. Malthus (ooc 12/5/01) 83.9 K 12/05/01 16:35 Urgent message for DTM.
BACON! 22.3 K 04/18/04 08:23
Clearing the Scarmis from QC 1032.4 K 12/19/01 08:35
Et tu Del? 4.2 K 08/13/02 07:17 Is that a bow in Del's hand?
Fat Alices' disgust at her lodging 429.5 K 09/17/01 15:14
Me...sorta 52.7 K 04/18/04 08:23
Nunul inadvertantly slaying a rage in 3rd circle test 68.5 K 01/16/02 18:20 Terrdi, day 12 of Autumn, 544. bacon!
Nunul's perspective: fun'islar 91.4 K 06/11/01 17:24
Poesy passes 2nd Circle 56.9 K 02/05/03 15:24 Here you can watch my bad fighting technique and gasp in amazement as I pass second circle.
Sabriel Passes 4th 146.4 K 05/06/04 03:55
Steady Foot
Steady Foot Passes 4th Circle Fighter Test 101.7 K 03/30/05 14:46 It's not pretty. A lot of dancing around but I DID IT!
Fighting a TG in SF 73.5 K 10/18/01 17:33 A very tough TG appeared in SF. Here's a screenshot of a lot of people tryign to kill it.
Terra Passes Third Circle Test 75.4 K 03/28/02 03:12 After doing well, I almost flubbed it. But, hooray for me. About bloody time too! TH.
TerraHawk Passes Second Circle Fighter Test 56.6 K 12/08/01 03:19 I took this visionstone way back when I passed second circle fighter test. Now everyone in the clan can see how NOT to do it. :-)
Clan Meeting Bawkmas 46.9 K 12/26/04 10:23 Our Bawkmas day clan meeting was less conversational than most, as shown in this brief visionstone of the event.
Closing ceremony of BLOW IT UP 88.0 K 09/11/05 13:02 The sixth annual coining contest to fund the newbielympics ends with a net for the clan of 18083 coins.
Frivolous Friday 120.3 K 12/30/05 17:27 One small example of the freaky goings-on of the Frivolous Friday.
Marathon demo 218.9 K 07/08/04 09:05 Demonstration of the proposed route of the newbielympics marathon, with a few helpful tips for newbie racers.
Talking to the Marsh Hermit 78.3 K 07/01/04 18:04 Went to talk to the Marsh Hermit to see if he was still feeling sick. He now seems to be channeling the old "Eliza" program, as seen in this piece of our conversation.
Therian passes 3rd 83.9 K 08/28/05 13:05 Therian foolishly takes the 3rd circle test while still wearing an Orga Eye-- and somehow passes anyway! (Who knew that was the secret?)
Wild Hour JPEGs 871.3 K 09/02/04 12:23 An archive of 6 pictures I took during the wild hour before the v353 chaos storm.
Wild Hour movie 1 797.5 K 09/02/04 12:25 First of three visionstones I recorded during the wild hour before the v353 chaos storm. I didn't record the whole hour; the three movies are from different periods during the event.
Wild Hour movie 2 362.5 K 09/02/04 12:26 Second of three visionstones I recorded during the wild hour before the v353 chaos storm. I didn't record the whole hour; the three movies are from different periods during the event.
Wild Hour movie 3 198.4 K 09/02/04 12:27 Third of three visionstones I recorded during the wild hour before the v353 chaos storm. I didn't record the whole hour; the three movies are from different periods during the event.
well... ehh. tomair passes(at last?) 68.7 K 11/27/03 11:47 ehh.. 4rth circle healer passing exebition
Wheatstone Passes 2nd 11.2 K 12/26/02 20:19 Wheatstone passes his 2nd circle healer's test!
The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
Corrections, questions, etc. regarding these scrolls should be sent to Kiriel D'Sol.