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Macros Available:

AFK Macros Macro

To use, copy and paste the following text into your Clan Lord macros file. Feel free to customize for your own use as needed.

// AFK Macros v1.0 // Collection of macros for going away from keyboard // Macro created by Kiriel D'Sol // Notify if you find a mistake or want to suggest an improvement // Looping function // Used by other macros to repeat an action until the user clicks the mouse // to stop it (can be used for other macros as well as afk macros) loopit { set @env.click_interrupts "true" label mark @action pause @time goto mark } // Sleeping macro - lies you down and puts you to sleep, snoozing away // If you do beafk quiet then you will stay asleep without making any noise "beafk" { "/pose lie\r" "/sleep\r" if @text == "quiet" set @action "/money\r" else set @action "/ponder zzzz....\r" end if set @time "150" call loopit } // Awake afk macro - just keeps you from disconnecting, does not give any // outward indication that you are afk "awakeafk" { set @action "/money\r" set @time "200" call loopit }