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Macros Available:

Pathfinder List Checker Macro

Follow the instructions below to use this macro. Feel free to customize for your own use as needed.

To use this macro, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Full_pf macro file (courtesy of Drablak) and save it into your Clan Lord macros folder.
  2. Add include "Full_pf" in your macro file
  3. Create your pathfinders list in one of two ways:
    1. If you are using OS X you can download the Get PF List Perl script, modify it to tell it where your Clan Lord folder is, and then run it. With this option you can also schedule it to run regularly using cron, or if you prefer just manually run it whenever you want to update your pathfinders list.
    2. If you can't use the script, you can choose instead to go to and manually save that file to pflist.txt in your Clan Lord macros folder. Whenever you want to update the file just save a new copy in there to replace it.
  4. When you run Clan Lord (make sure you reload macros if you do this while Clan Lord is already running), type /ffpf to find a list of all full pathfinders currently clanning. Note that this can take a few minutes to run.