Winds of DawnAwjus and Hamusa the Shredders
1:29 am on Lundi, day 39 of Autumn, 637 Sun Times
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Clans Directory

To update the information for your clan in the clans directory, please send an enchanted mail to Kiriel D'Sol with the information listed below.

Submitter Name: Name of the exile submitting the clan information
Clan Name: The official clan name as reported in /info
Clan Scrolls URL: Address of the clan scrolls, if available
Clan Contact Name: This should be the person who is responsible for membership or the clan as a whole
Clan Contact Enchanted Mail Address: The enchanted mail address of the person responsible for membership or the clan as a whole
Clan Description: This should be a short description of what the clan is about and what a member should expect. You can include in here your clan's major goals, philosophy, style (active, hunt oriented, service oriented, etc.), etc.
Type/Frequency of Events: This should be a short description of the type of events your clan has (meetings, hunts, Dun'ilsar, etc.) and the frequency of them. For instance you might say your clan has monthly meetings and weekly hunts, and occasionally participates in Dun'ilsar
Membership Requirements: This should be a short description of the type of member your clan looks for. If your clan restricts membership to third circle and above, or halflings and dwarves, or requires fluency in thoom, you would put that information here. Also if you look for particularly active folks or rank whores or some other specific trait, list that here as well.
Currently Accepting Applications: This should indicate your clan's current status on accepting applications and you should also indicate here whether your clan expects folks to apply or if they only recruit people as needed (and if so, whether they should indicate an interest in being recruited).

Clan Info Update Template:

Submitter Name:
Clan Name:
Clan Scrolls URL:
Clan Contact Name:
Clan Contact Email:
Clan Description:
Type/Frequency of Events:
Membership Requirements:
Currently Accepting Applications:

The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
Corrections, questions, etc. regarding these scrolls should be sent to Kiriel D'Sol.