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5:44 pm on Soldi, day 46 of Winter, 638 Sun Times
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Toggle Locating Tips

Once you get a sunstone, you have a solemn responsibility placed upon you. Not only can you communicate with your friends, but you can also help spread the word about fallen friends and try to get them help. Although the best way to find a fallen exile is to get a mystic to locate them, often there is no mystic available to assist, or the exile is outside of the mystic's range, so then what do you do? You can toggle locate them!

Suggestions, comments, corrections, etc. should be sent to Kiriel D'Sol

What is Toggle Locating?

Although a fallen exile can't send sunstone messages, they can utilize their ability to spirit link with other exiles to send a rudimentary message. Basically, you can ask an exile a yes or no question, and they can unshare then share you to respond with yes. If you think the exile may not have the experience to know what toggling is, be sure to explain it first. To locate an exile using toggle location means asking questions and waiting for the answers, to try to narrow down where the exile might be, so you can go help them or send for help. Even if you can't go yourself, sunstoning a specific location for a fallen exile makes it much more likely someone will make an attempt to rescue them, especially if they happen to be nearby.

Confirming Awareness/Need

Before attempting to toggle locate someone, it's important to verify that they are able to respond (they may be afk, having serious lag, etc.) and that they need assistance. Additionally if the exile being located is newish, you may want to be specific and describe to the exile that they should unshare then share you (or vice versa depending on whether they are currently sharing) to indicate that they need help, since they may not be familiar with the concept of toggling. So ask the person to confirm that they need assistance by toggling so you can begin the toggle location process. If the person does not respond, you should either wait till they request assistance or have a mystic locate them as they aren't going to be much help in locating.

Using the Sunstone Network

Before going through a series of toggles to find the fallen, it's a good idea to sunstone to the general public to ask if anyone may know where they have fallen. Sometimes when a person is about to fall they'll sunstone their location, and if you missed the message there may still be someone else who remembers it and will remind you. If you have text logs enabled, you may also want to look through the log a bit and see if there have been any messages recently about the person- you may not have been paying attention at the time but someone else may already have given information on the exile's whereabouts.

Using the Cause as a Clue

Once you have verified the person needs to be located, you should pay attention to what the person fell to as your best clue to where they may be fallen. If you don't yet know what the person fell to you should make sure one of you is sharing and wait for the fallen message, or sunstone to ask. Knowing what the person fell to can be very helpful if the person fell to something that only is found in a few locations, such as Savannah Maha or Dark Vermine, but if they are fallen to something more common like a rat, scavenger bird, or starbuck, it can be more difficult. Even something common will still give you some idea of where to start looking- island panthers are more common in forests and fields, and bats are mostly found in caves. If you are not familiar with the creature the person fell to, sunstoning to ask for tips is a good idea.

Knowing Your Fallen

If you don't have a decent idea of where the person is fallen from what they fell to, it can be a good idea to think about what sort of places they like to hang out. Newer exiles are likely to be found near town and in less dangerous areas, while really experienced types aren't likely to be found fallen in such ordinary locales. If you don't know the person well, it may not be a bad idea to sunstone and ask if anyone has an idea of where the person might be, someone may remember having seen them recently or might have overheard where they said they were going.

Getting the General Direction

One good way to narrow down where an exile is fallen is to ask what direction from town they are fallen in. This is most effective if a person is in a clear direction from town, but can be harder if they're in an area which is less clear or they don't know where they are. Typically you would want to ask the person to toggle a certain number of times based on the direction they are from town. For instance, if a person is fallen to an island panther and I know they're relatively on the new side, I'd probably say "toggle once for S of town, twice for N, three times for E, four times for W". Island panthers are mostly in the north and south forests and brambles areas, and a newer exile is far more likely to be in the southern forest than the more dangerous northern one. There's very little west of town unless they're on an island, and newer exiles don't generally hunt much off the mainland. This means that the areas most likely to have the fallen are going to require the least amount of toggles. If the exile you're trying to locate has lag issues, they may have difficulty toggling quickly enough, so you might want to instead break the question down into 2 or 4 separate questions to make sure you get their answer correctly.

If you suspect a person may be on an island, it might speed things up to ask them to toggle if they're on an island.

Once you've narrowed down a direction, it's usually fairly easy to break down the potential fallen into a few possible areas, at which point you can use the same toggle strategy to narrow down the area. Don't forget you can also use directions to narrow things within an area (i.e. N side of fire island, E side of SF, etc.)

Directional Chart

N of town N/NW Farms, N/NE Fields, Myrm Highlands, NWF (Northwest Forest), NF/Muddy NF (North Forest, Muddy North Forest), Fringe, JG (Jannar's Grove), LP (Lily Pond), Undine Hut, OBC (Old Bear Cave), NBC (New Bear Cave), RT (River Tunnel)
Borderline N/W: NW Beach Area
Borderline N/E: N Plains Area/Lake, Chamelopod Forest, Beach N of Lake
S of town S Farms, Game Preserve, SF (South Forest), Copper Mine, S Beaches (don't forget the ones S of Brambles), Brambles/Trool Town Area, Trool Mines, Brambles Kitty Den (S of W Trool Mine)
Borderline S/W: Meshra Lair, SW Farms, SW Beach, Kitty Beach, Beaches S of Kitty Beach
Borderline S/E: Marsh, Meshra Lair, Cemetary, Savannah, Dunes, Savannah Mines, Savannah Den, Savannah Tunnels
E of town E/NE Farms, E/NE Fields, Spirit Wood, TW (Tanglewood), OC (Orga Camp), Snagglewood, East Forest, New East Forest, Noids, North Pass, Mid Pass, South Pass, GMV (Greymyr Village), Rocky Cavern
Borderline N/E: N Plains Area/Lake, Chamelopod Forest, Beach N of Lake
Borderline S/E: Marsh, Meshra Lair, Cemetary, Savannah, Dunes, Savannah Mines, Savannah Den, Savannah Tunnels
W of town Rat Towers, Buck's Pub, Under Town, Agratis, DI/FI (Devil's Island/Fire Island), TI (Tenebrion's Island), Orionwood/Centaur Island, Theives Island/Badlands/Arena, KI/UI (Kizmia's Island/Unnamed Island/Umbrion's Island), MM (Melabrion's Mines), MI (Melabrion's Island), Noth (Dal'Noth)
Borderline N/W: NW Beach Area
Borderline S/W: Meshra Lair, SW Farms, SW Beach, Kitty Beach, Beaches S of Kitty Beach

Terrain Type Tips

Sometimes it's faster and easier to ask folks what type of terrain they're fallen on instead of what direction (or you can use it after direction to narrow things further). This is especially useful if you think the person might not know where they are, since anyone can look down at the ground and tell what terrain they're on at least.

Some terrain types to ask about:

  • Beach/Dunes/Desert (yellow/tan ground, or just next to ocean)
  • Field/Plains (green area without many trees)
  • Forest (green area with a lot of trees)
  • Rocky (gray area, preferably with rocks)
  • Cave
  • Hut/Building
  • Tree (yes folks do sometimes fall into safe trees)
  • Marsh
  • Brambles (area with green bushes)
  • Muddy (muddy brown area like on fire island or muddy green area like the northern part of north forest)
  • Ocean

Commonly Forgotten Areas

If you're having a real hard time finding someone, don't forget to ask about some of the commonly forgotten areas such as:

  • Myrm Highlands
  • Orionwood
  • Lake/N Plains
  • Copper Mine (by the E wall S of E field in SF)
  • Brambles
  • Under Town
  • Herpetid Cave in NWF
  • Agratis (demo area accessed through Fairgrounds)
  • Buck's Pub or Gaming Preserve (both newbie only areas)


If you're not absolutely sure that you've got the right area information for your fallen, it's a good idea to ask them to confirm their location once you think they've narrowed it down. This should help you identify a misunderstanding based upon a toggle mistake or misreading a response.

When Things Get Confused

If you are getting erratic toggles from your fallen or they don't seem to be answering or are indicating in other ways that they're having a problem, you should check on the following via a toggle question:

  • Do they know where they are? (if not, terrain type is a good question to try locating the person)
  • Do they still need help? (they may have gotten someone's assistance while you've been locating them, but may be unable to indicate it to you)
  • Did they make a mistake in toggling? (if so, try to figure out at which point the questions went wrong so you can continue to narrow things effectively)
The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
Corrections, questions, etc. regarding these scrolls should be sent to Kiriel D'Sol.