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9:20 pm on Soldi, day 46 of Winter, 638 Sun Times
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Clan Funds

Current Treasurer: Delirium

One of the assets of the Winds of Dawn is our clan money pool. This Treasury exists to serve the clan in whatever way it can. All donations are entirely voluntary, and the clan charges no dues, or percentages, or guidelines or any such constraints. The Treasury will consist of how ever much money the clan chooses to put into the Treasury.

The main vision of the Treasury is to provide a common pool of wealth which can be used to better the clan. The Treasury is a bank from which members can borrow money to make expensive purchases, and the money is available to subsidize clan activities, and otherwise improve the life of clan members.

The Treasury has a few policies presently in effect, and is seeking to bring more into existence as cash inflow is stabilized.

First of all, the Treasury is offering 20c to every new exile in the lands, so as to allow them money to experiment with boat rentals, library fees, and any other expenses they may incur.

Secondly, the Treasury, in seeking to encourage the practice of chaining, is purchasing chains for clan members with sufficient Loovma training to make the purchase economical. At present, 30 ranks will earn you a free chain, and 50 ranks will get you a chain which the clan will replace every time it is broken. These requisite ranks will be lowered as funds increase.

Thirdly, the Treasury is looking into subsidizing Chris Rex's program (Arms for Exiles) of acquiring weapons for new exiles.

Other uses of the Treasury include such unpredictable activities as paying for clan hunt boat costs, clan kegs, clan gambling, and anything else that benefits the clan as a whole.

And the final, and most oft-utilized function of the clan Treasury is to loan money to clan members for expensive purchases. This is used to get clan members in possession of Sunstones, especially. Ensuring that clan members can communicate is one of the priorities of the Treasury. Also under this category are purchases of chains, and other important but costly goods.

An important note is that the money lent by the Treasury is entirely a loan. The money must all be repaid by the clan member before the item is technically theirs. Prior to the full repayment of the item, the purchase is still a clan possession, under ownership of the Treasury.

The Treasury is not out to forcibly earn a profit, and so will not charge interest or other means of coercing people to give their money to the clan. All donations to the clan fund will be, in fact, donations.

Clan Fund Status

The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
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