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10:14 pm on Soldi, day 38 of Autumn, 637 Sun Times
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The Winds of Dawn clan newsletters are written by our Clan Reporter, Anaeka.

Below is the newsletter you selected:


The Winds of Dawn Bi-Zodiac Newsletter

Volume 01 - Issue 05
1. Editor's Welcome
2. Member News
3. Items of Interest
4. Final Words

1. Editor's Welcome
Welcome everyone, to the Fifth Issue of the "Whispers of the Breeze".

Yes, I'm back, and hopefully the newsletter will be as well.

I apologise for the extended leave of absence that I have taken, as
things got quite busy in the last month and a half for HWC TH.

I can't explain it all, and even if I could, there's a lot of personal
stuff that's still going on that I won't discuss because then I'll get
even more depressed.

Suffice it to say, I'm back in the lands, but not for the amounts of
times I used to be.  Now I usually come out of the library once every
two or three days, and usually between 4 pm and 7 pm Australian eastern
Standard Time (GMT +10)

Best way to catch me is to e-mail me if you need to, or be on during
those times.

I feel bad, as I feel like I have let the clan down a bit by my absence.

Hopefully, I won't be gone for such a long time again.

And please be patient as I get the newsletter running again.  This will
mostly be a shortish one.  more to come soon.

It may also turn out that the newsletter will become a once a month

I still have not decided.

TerraHawk [WoD Reporter and Editor of "WotB"].

2. Member News
TerraHawk is back (as evidenced above).

Goric has resigned from his post as Clan Ambassador for New Exiles.

If anyone is interested in taking up this position, then please state it

3. Items of Interest
As we all know, there was a Chaos Storm last zodiac.  Some big changes
occurred, and what follows is a list of what did change (compiled only
from Delta Tao, as my other sources have gone missing.) :

 From Delta Tao :

* No crashes or deadlocks to report since the last update.
* Auto-downloads have been improved. They might even be acceptable.[1]
* You can now hold a training ledger from more than one trainer at a
   and switch back and forth without penalty. [Finally - Ed.]
* Check out the new hut on the west side of the fairgrounds.
* Pathfinding will change slightly in this chaos storm. Exiles should
   frequently find themselves unable to pass through some hard paths
   could pass through a short time before. On the down side, exiles may
   themselves unable to pass through some paths that they were able to
   immediately before the storm.

Last I heard, the Sylvan Outpost in SF Hospital is still closed for

4. Final Words
As I said, a short issue.  I hope to have more in the next newsletter,
whenever that will be.

If you wish to comment on any articles, please feel free to do so on the
clan forum.

Feedback is always appreciated, article submissions are always welcome,
and remember, may the wind be behind your back always.

Good hunting!

TerraHawk & HWC TH.
Reporter for WoD and Editor of "Whispers of the Breeze"

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The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
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