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Full Pathfinders

Below is a list of full pathfinders (those whom have completed the maximum number of trainings for the pathfinding level specified). This list is meant to assist in recruiting full pathfinders for rescues in areas which require a full pathfinder of the appropriate level (such as the McBollie caverns and Wisher's Gate for Marsh Hermit trainees and the Tao of Trillbane for Giayl trainees). If you know someone who should be on this list but isn't or if the information for someone needs updating, please use the Add/Update Full Pathfinder Form to add them. If any information on this page is incorrect, please let Kiriel D'Sol know.

There are currently 340 full pathfinders in this list.

Last Updated: 08/13/22 07:05 PM Pacific Time

Full Giayl's Guide to Hidden Ways Pathfinders (130+ ranks):

Full Pathfinder Name Profession
Alchemist healer
Angela healer
articuno fighter
Azriel fighter
Baff healer
Baffette healer
Band healer
Beam fighter
Bladebringer fighter
Califas healer
Chmee fighter
Elenis Reyav fighter
Entil'Zha fighter
Falken fighter
Farhope fighter
Garpy fighter
Ghrr healer
Gorton fighter
Hepta mystic
Inu Teisei healer
Jeepers healer
Kani fighter
Kensington healer
Kiriel D'Sol fighter
Kisa healer
Lorikeet healer
Lorreen healer
Luther fighter
Manx healer
Mephisto healer
Michael fighter
Mr Null none
Mujin-kun fighter
Noivad fighter
Omega healer
Praetorius healer
Rakshasa fighter
Sagramor fighter
Sai healer
Sareth fighter
Sengir healer
Shakyamuni healer
Shiner fighter
Starsword Eojek fighter
Sunoril healer
Talin healer
Thanladin fighter
Theo healer
Trillbane none
wayfarer mystic
Yhoo none
Zeitgeist fighter

Full Marsh Hermit Pathfinders (100-129 ranks):

Full Pathfinder Name Profession
Aaba mystic
Abra healer
Achates healer
Aeol healer
Aeris fighter
Afton fighter
Algar mystic
Althepal fighter
Amfi healer
An Cat Dubh fighter
Aravir fighter
Arcanus mystic
Archemar none
Art mystic
Artesia fighter
Artworx healer
Athala healer
Aviendha fighter
Axell healer
Axia healer
Axis fighter
Bernie fighter
Blackheart healer
Blaise healer
Bob healer
Bob the Archer none
Bon Temps fighter
Boris fighter
Bulgorius fighter
Bunky healer
Cale healer
Cameo healer
Cazlar fighter
Champ fighter
Clawstrophobios fighter
Clio none
Coeur de Leon fighter
Coldy fighter
Commodus fighter
Connie Crete fighter
Corwin healer
Curiousity mystic
Cusea mystic
Cyrril Co'Fei healer
D'jinn mystic
Dagiris fighter
Dark mystic
Dashiva healer
Deado healer
Degu healer
Delirium healer
Destian healer
Dilvish fighter
Doctor X healer
Dolphin healer
Domino none
Dorkhor healer
Dorkwuss mystic
Drablak mystic
Dreamer none
Drib'thgin healer
Drue'Dreemi fighter
Duncan none
Dusky Rose mystic
Duste fighter
Egbert d'Mok fighter
Elayne fighter
Emer mystic
Eucharis fighter
Eyeball fighter
Falinus healer
Fanan mystic
Fantasia healer
Felicity healer
Fileas mystic
Firebird healer
Frak fighter
Freyja fighter
Fundin fighter
Gandalf mystic
Geotzou fighter
Ghoti Styx mystic
Gilean fighter
Gir healer
Gobo mystic
Gol'daris mystic
Green Bean none
Gremio healer
Grundel healer
Gyrian mystic
Hauu healer
Hippie fighter
Hista fighter
Horatio fighter
Hunter healer
Invid fighter
J'dy healer
Javelin fighter
Jeanne fighter
Jenna healer
Jkleh healer
John Junkar fighter
Joshua healer
K'vynn mystic
Kahiel fighter
Kahlon mystic
Kaitlyn healer
Kal fighter
Kard fighter
Kei fighter
Keleios none
Kelfer fighter
Kestral fighter
Kimmy mystic
Knucklehead healer
Kodo fighter
Koriel Fishbind fighter
Kratos fighter
Kren'daa healer
Kuja none
Kurgass none
Lady Chatterly healer
Leathe mystic
Ledward Vicious healer
Lehkar fighter
Leogic fighter
Lexa fighter
library healer healer
Lime healer
Little Oss fighter
Llenlleawg fighter
Lorik fighter
Lorn mystic
Luminary mystic
Lunaria fighter
Lundar mystic
Ma'Harba mystic
Maenygh fighter
Magnar fighter
Magnels healer
Mango healer
Math mystic
McBain fighter
Meab healer
Mellion fighter
Merok fighter
Mevrick healer
Mieth fighter
Mimi healer
Mis a jor none
Modest fighter
Mongo fighter
Moonshadow fighter
Mortis fighter
Mugicha healer
Musie mystic
Myngo none
Myshidian none
Myst none
Nadron healer
Nakatt fighter
Narsilion fighter
Neige mystic
Nettle fighter
Nopey healer
Nunul fighter
Nyt'Shade fighter
Oleandar fighter
Olie fighter
Olmy fighter
Omen fighter
Optimyst mystic
Org du Lac mystic
Owl healer
Panos fighter
Paramedic healer
Peet fighter
Pendarric healer
Petlor fighter
Phelps healer
Phineas none
Phiros mystic
Prince Valiant fighter
Prue healer
Puffy-f fighter
PureHeaded healer
PureHeart mystic
PureHeat fighter
PureHeaven fighter
PureHeavin fighter
PureHelp healer
PureHero healer
Rafmael mystic
Ragin' Cajun fighter
Rahan healer
Raknus mystic
Ramone none
Rathgorn fighter
Raymond Shifter healer
Rcooka-e fighter
Rent-A-Hippie healer
Retolyk healer
Rhys fighter
Rizal healer
Roowan fighter
Ruby mystic
Rylantar fighter
Ryokucha fighter
Sa'Wrap fighter
Sakim healer
Sakura healer
Samael none
Samwise none
Sarah healer
Sargon healer
Saru fighter
Satuki healer
Saxon healer
Scathach fighter
Seeker fighter
Selwyn none
Serra Lorne none
Serv fighter
Shakam mystic
Shane healer
Shobaffum fighter
Sielk fighter
Siri fighter
Skif fighter
Skybird fighter
Sleipnir fighter
Slim fighter
Snow healer
Snowy fighter
Sonndyh mystic
Sook fighter
Sor healer
Speedier fighter
Spirit healer
Sten fighter
Strongblade fighter
Sushi healer
T'rr'll fighter
Tabasa fighter
Talas fighter
Tama healer
Tannar fighter
Tas healer
Teffin healer
Tegan healer
TerraHawk fighter
Thaum none
Thistle mystic
timothy none
Tondalayo healer
Tonoto healer
Torajiro fighter
Trillium fighter
Tyloth fighter
Tyranis Calgar healer
Ustral healer
V'ree mystic
Vata healer
Vayu none
Vian fighter
Viper fighter
Waayfarer mystic
Wangah Rah mystic
Wedilen healer
Wisher healer
WormTounge healer
Wrapper healer
Wutold mystic
Wyn'kel Ryd fighter
Xebo none
Xel mystic
Xenos healer
Xerxes healer
Xrith mystic
Xyn D'El fighter
Yikes fighter
Yorg healer
Zasha fighter
Zed fighter
Zen fighter
Zulu fighter
Zyloth mystic
Zyzyz fighter

The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
Corrections, questions, etc. regarding these scrolls should be sent to Kiriel D'Sol.