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12:52 am on Lundi, day 47 of Winter, 638 Sun Times
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Clan Lord Links

This scroll is a resurrection of the original "World's Greatest Collection of Clan Lord Links" created by Tim Yang (Worg). Please send any corrections for this scroll to Kiriel D'Sol

Clan Scrolls (10):

Scroll Name Description
Clan Lord Anonymous - Rat Bastards  A very exclusive clan whose membership is restricted to those who are liked by its founder, Worf. Includes Worf's rants and his humorous picture diary. Maintained by Runner.  
Les chercheurs de la clef des champs  Translated: "The Seekers of Liberty". It has a clanhunt every Sunday and has formed an inner circle of mystics from among its ranks.  
Light & Shadow  Light and Shadow isn't so much of a clan as it is an "extended family" that offers protection and friendship to all those who would like to join. Its only requirement is that its members actively participate in its numerous organised activities, such as hunts and competitions.  
Order of the Midnight Sun  Like the Puddleby Militia, this is a clan whose purpose is to protect Puddleby against invasions. Has a lessez faire organisation but several rules of personal conduct. Includes tips for newbies, progressing exiles and advanced fighters as well as the personal histories of its founders.  
Pogue Mahone  Formed from the surviving members of a resistance group against the Emperor Mobius who all fled and went into self-exile when they were betrayed by a fellow member.  
The BookWyrm   
The Fellowship of the Red Quill  The Red Quill is a clan whose members are dedicated to "discovering" information about the world of Clan Lord and making the information available to the public in accessible archives. Includes a massive movie library.  
ThoomCare  ThoomCare is an organization of Thoom healers committed to providing medical services to the citizens of Puddleby. Toward that end, it has set up a free hospital on the edge of an inhospitable area where there is a clan member waiting round the clock to heal any exiles until relieved.  
Welcome to the Dwarven Militia  A mainly-dwarf clan whose members have banded together simply to 1) get rich, 2) get powerful and 3) get drunk.  
Winds of Dawn Clan: Scrolls  This clan is dedicated to helping newbie exiles. Formed by ex-members of Silver Drakes after some disagreements on the management of the clan. Includes the toggle-locating tips.  


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The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
Corrections, questions, etc. regarding these scrolls should be sent to Kiriel D'Sol.