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Clan Lord Links

This scroll is a resurrection of the original "World's Greatest Collection of Clan Lord Links" created by Tim Yang (Worg). Please send any corrections for this scroll to Kiriel D'Sol


Art Scrolls (3):

Scroll Name Description
Angela  Angela's history and several sketches she did of her fellow Light & Shadow clanmates.  
Manx's Clanlord Scrolls  Manx's history and her stories of the exorcism of Polgara and Vagile's squiring ceremony. Includes several crayon-canvas portraits of exiles and new icons for human and halfling females.  
Shampoo's Clan Lord Paintings  Shampoo paints exile portraits. She has pictures of Segal the Thoom, Malkor, and others. 

Bestiaries (1):

Scroll Name Description
Durandal's Guide to the Beasties We All Know And Love In Clan Lord  44 orgas, vermine, assorted animals and "things that make many use swear when they appear" are catalogued in this guide; a diary of Durandal's adventures with movies.  

Character Directories (0):

No scrolls currently available in this category.

Clan Scrolls (10):

Scroll Name Description
Clan Lord Anonymous - Rat Bastards  A very exclusive clan whose membership is restricted to those who are liked by its founder, Worf. Includes Worf's rants and his humorous picture diary. Maintained by Runner.  
Les chercheurs de la clef des champs  Translated: "The Seekers of Liberty". It has a clanhunt every Sunday and has formed an inner circle of mystics from among its ranks.  
Light & Shadow  Light and Shadow isn't so much of a clan as it is an "extended family" that offers protection and friendship to all those who would like to join. Its only requirement is that its members actively participate in its numerous organised activities, such as hunts and competitions.  
Order of the Midnight Sun  Like the Puddleby Militia, this is a clan whose purpose is to protect Puddleby against invasions. Has a lessez faire organisation but several rules of personal conduct. Includes tips for newbies, progressing exiles and advanced fighters as well as the personal histories of its founders.  
Pogue Mahone  Formed from the surviving members of a resistance group against the Emperor Mobius who all fled and went into self-exile when they were betrayed by a fellow member.  
The BookWyrm   
The Fellowship of the Red Quill  The Red Quill is a clan whose members are dedicated to "discovering" information about the world of Clan Lord and making the information available to the public in accessible archives. Includes a massive movie library.  
ThoomCare  ThoomCare is an organization of Thoom healers committed to providing medical services to the citizens of Puddleby. Toward that end, it has set up a free hospital on the edge of an inhospitable area where there is a clan member waiting round the clock to heal any exiles until relieved.  
Welcome to the Dwarven Militia  A mainly-dwarf clan whose members have banded together simply to 1) get rich, 2) get powerful and 3) get drunk.  
Winds of Dawn Clan: Scrolls  This clan is dedicated to helping newbie exiles. Formed by ex-members of Silver Drakes after some disagreements on the management of the clan. Includes the toggle-locating tips.  

Contests (4):

Scroll Name Description
1st Grand and Spectacularly Suicidal Mystic Race  A big race held for all the mystics in the puddleby town. 
Portrait Raffle  An interesting money-making business started by the artist Manx. The cost of a ticket is 50 coins but there can only be one winner. The prize is a portrait by Manx of the winner.  
Puddleby Court Archive Contest  A contest sponsored by Delta Tao to find the most user-friendly site design to display up-to-the-minute court archive logs.  
The Deathmaster Contest  A cash-prize contest that requires contestants to knock down a chosen exile within 30 seconds. Sponsored by the Pogue Mahone clan.  

Diaries (5):

Scroll Name Description
Babajaga's House  A huge library of story scrolls inspired by events in Clan Lord written by several exiles and collected by Babajaga. Babajaga's story, pictures and movies of her adventures and her fighter tactics.  
Drablak's journal  A journal of Drablak's adventures and thoughts. 
Poesy's Journal  Journal of Poesy's exploits. 
Sleipnir's HWC Diary   
Warrior of the Moon  The adventures of Jeanne, a Fen'Neko moon warrior in the Sun Dragon Clan. 

Directories (3):

Scroll Name Description
Clans Directory  This scroll contains a directory of all the known clans in Puddleby with detailed information regarding many clans. It is meant mainly for folks trying to decide which clan to apply to or for folks to familiarize themselves with all the different clans out there. 
Fishmonger  A directory of links to news sources and Clan Lord diaries.  
New Exile Center  A scroll with a list of useful scrolls for new exiles 

Exile scrolls (20):

Scroll Name Description
55 gallon tank  The 55 Gallon Tank is a humorous series of pictures of the (mis)adventures of Feeder Goldfish. This poor exile is found dead on the beach, dead in the farms, dead in a cold, dark, place.  
Cyrril Co'Fei's Scroll  Snapshots to chuckle over while fallen and waiting for a heal. Updated often! 
Drablak's Hideaway   
iolaus Welt - Erlebnisse aus Clan Lord & Alchera Erinnerungen   
Kemani's Book  The story of how Kemani became an exile.  
Kiriel D'Sol's Personal Scroll  This is the personal scroll of Kiriel D'Sol - Chainer, Fighter, Rescuer, Guide, and Baker Extraordinaire. It includes a short history, a few photos, and a collection of macros (mainly directions oriented).  
Kuudy's tailoring factory   
Minx on Death  Althea's journal entry on her encounter with an NPC called Minx who has a fascination with death.  
Paramedic's Notebook  A library of links to anything about Thooms, including artwork, stories, the Thoomcare clan and a collection of snapshots of all the Thoom player characters in Clan Lord. Also includes pictures of Paramedic's adventures and his haiku compositions.  
Poor-X's Scroll   
Rcooka-e's Diary  A diary of Rcooka-e's adventures and his music.  
Rizal's Scrapbook  A simple website of Rizal at his favourite haunt, the South Forest Hospital set up by Thoomcare.  
Sala Dragon's Webscroll  An introduction to Sala, his history, macros, music and pictures and movies of his adventures.  
sir Sleipnir Na Gralam  The history of Sleipnir and pictures and movies of his adventures. Includes the findings of the Council of Inquisition into the deeds of Lorian and those of Sendorian, agent of the Emperor.  
The Adventures of Hor   
The Puddleby Tales  The bard Jafree Cho'sur tells stories of the world in epic verse. Includes the Darshak War and Mobius's rise to power, the Native's Tale (Healery), and the Fisher-Thoom's Tale (Tamarin) so far. 
Tonle's Scrolls  Tonle's history and some pieces of his music.  
Wormtounge's Scroll  An introduction to Wormtounge, the story of his adventures and the story behind his name. Also includes 4th circle healers list.  
Xepel's Grove  An introduction to Xepel, his training stats, history and the grove from whence he came. Includes a picture diary of his adventures and music composed for Clan Lord.  
Yoshida-X's Scrolls  What can I say... it's in Japanese and I can't read it.  

Guides/References (5):

Scroll Name Description
Better Living Through Fast Feet  Practical advice on how to survive longer while gaining experience and coins; how and where to run, dodge and hunt; training tips, wood-gathering tips, macros and critter compendium.  
Clan Lord Manual  The latest edition of the Clan Lord manual from Delta Tao. Describes the world but doesn't include commands or interface trouble-shooting guide.  
Drablak's Guides  A series of guides on various subjects. 
Polerand's Clan Lord Page  Polerand's role-playing guide and clothing colour guide. Includes Polerand's history and pictures of his adventures.  
Toggle Locating Tips  A guide to locating fallen exiles via the tried and true method of share toggles for locating 

Guilds/Associations (3):

Scroll Name Description
Falinea's Blade  Falinea's Blade is a self-reliant hunting group, comprised of similar strengthed exiles. 
The West Foundation  The goal of the West Foundation is to give financial assistance to new exiles in exchange for a written autobiographical scroll on the subject of the candidate's choice.  
West Coast Clan Lord Convention  17 pages of photos of 30 players who went to a fun fair. 

Joe (0):

No scrolls currently available in this category.

Macro scrolls (1):

Scroll Name Description
Delta Tao's Clan Lord Macro Instructions  Home to the Clan Lord macro manual and links to other macro sites. 

Map scrolls of Lok Groton (4):

Scroll Name Description
Drablak's maps  Drablak's maps of Puddleby 
Puddleby Ethereal Survey Committee  Callia's Ethereal Surveys 
The Puddleby Underground   
Winds of Dawn Maps  Contains maps of Bick's Cellar, Ethereal Plane Tower, North Kizmia's Island and Melabrion's Island as well as links to other major map scrolls. 

Music scrolls (0):

No scrolls currently available in this category.

News (1):

Scroll Name Description
ThoomCare Media Network (TMN)  TMN has regularly updated Clan Lord news (with pictures and comments from exiles) and a convenient list of key links.  

NPC Scrolls (1):

Scroll Name Description
AlgyCam Archive  An archive of sketches drawn by Algernon 

Profession Scrolls (0):

No scrolls currently available in this category.

Public Boards (10):

Scroll Name Description
CL-Tenebrion  An eGroup that discusses the issue of the arch-fiend Tenebrion and further plans to enhance the relationship between Tenebrion and the exiles of Puddleby.  
ClanLordQuestTracker  An eGroup to exchange ideas and information about the various gamemaster developed plots and goings-on in Clan Lord.  
Clan_Lord_Puddleby_Government  An eGroup started during the heat of the Bush/Gore 2000 campaign to discuss the structure and goals of a government for Puddleby.  
CLBard  An eGroup to announce the ordainment of new bards and audition calls.  
cl_pathfinders  An eGroup that contains many spoilers because it discusses new paths, developments that Delta Tao have made to the pathfinding effect, problems that pathfinders face and effects of pathfinding.  
FMOCR  Information on, schedule of and organisation of forays into the dreaded Orga Camp 4.  
pushball  An eGroup to announce challenges and results of games organised by the Pushball League.  
RQfriends  An eGroup by the Red Quill Clan for non-Red Quill members who are nevertheless interested in role-playing and developing and creating character plots in Clan Lord.  
The Clan Lord Sentinel  Suggestion Box and public discussion forum. 
Thoom  An eGroup started by Thoomcare and open to all Thooms to discuss and deepen the Thoom culture to help Thooms role-play better.  

Quest/Investigation Scrolls (0):

No scrolls currently available in this category.

Race/Culture Scrolls (1):

Scroll Name Description
Encyclopaedia Thoomeria: Thoom  Summary of Thooms; includes physical description, biology, society, culture, politics, scientific advances and Thoomish views on religion and their origins; cultural relations between the Ascendency and Thooms.  

Reviews (1):

Scroll Name Description
MMORPG.COM  Some reviews of Clan Lord 

Skill Scrolls (8):

Scroll Name Description
Alchemists List  A directory of alchemists grouped by which potions they have the skill to make 
Bakers List  A directory of exiles with full baking training 
Brewers List  A directory of exiles with full brewing training 
Dentir Specialists List  A directory of exiles with significant Dentir training, grouped by skill level 
Full Pathfinders  A list of full pathfinders (those who have 100 ranks of Marsh Hermit training). This list is meant to assist in recruiting full pathfinders for rescues in areas which require a full pathfinder.  
Professional Tailors List  A directory of exiles with significant tailoring training, grouped by skill level 
Skea Specialists List  A directory of exiles with significant Skea training, grouped by skill level 
Trainer Messages  A list of trainer messages and the number of ranks they are equivalent to. 

Software (4):

Scroll Name Description
Bones' Clan Lord Movie Gallery  Two softwares are available here. Clan Lord Prefs Editor 2.0 and an application that converts movies of pre-Ripture War format to post-Ripture War so that they can be viewed. Includes some movies that Bones made in both pre and post-Ripture War.  
Date Details  This scroll will return the sunrise/sunset times for the specified IC or OOC date and will also convert OOC dates into IC dates. It also provides the current zodiac symbol and moon phase, and gives the number of days till the next full moon. 
Delta Tao's CLAN LORD - An Online Roleplaying Adventure Game  Download the latest version of the Clan Lord client from here. New updates with new commands and updated functions are released approximately every two weeks.  
Scribia  An application that records (i.e. "scribes") the ranks of the character. 

The Dead (2):

Scroll Name Description
The Hokuten Knights  A pre-Ripture War clan.  
Welcome To Jono's New Site  A site belonging to a player who played several characters-who-have-left-the-realms.  

Trainer Scrolls (0):

No scrolls currently available in this category.

World Events/History (3):

Scroll Name Description
A Tear on West Beach: the Ripture War of 533  An account of one of the many battles of the Ripture War of 533, written by Healery of Puddleby. 
Babajaga and Sleipnir's (First) Wedding  An edited transcript of the (first) wedding ceremony of the Lady Babajaga and Sir Sleipnir, which took place in Winter 533 on the eve of the Ripture War.  
First Puddleby Pun Contest  A transcript of the first Puddleby Pun Contest, held 37 Summer 535 (Hallowe'en 1999). 

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